Choosing Life

Choosing Life:
Do you buy the lie that you are a victim of your circumstances? The bible says that we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony, Revelation 12:11.

The Legacy Mind Set

 Be Patient?! HOW?!Never have I considered the importance of legacy until recent years as I have been introduced to this mindset through varies teachers that have been brought into my life. And then recently my son said something to me that really stuck…in pondering his own life goals he determined that his life would be well invested making a place for his future generations. Then it really struck me and has stuck with me that I am truly not here on this earth right now just for myself and my own self-centered goals and passions, I am truly here for a greater purpose and a greater destiny that I will never attain. I am here for those that follow after me.Pastor Oz and I received a prophetic word long ago before we were married that we have carried with us all these years. This prophetic word had everything to do with our marriage, our ministry and our children. Our dreams were always tied to our children and their destiny. We truly believed that we would never see the fullness of what the Lord had in store for us until we saw it through our children. We have witnessed so much of this dream already but we truly believe we are about to see so much more. The Lord is faithful, never late and never in a hurry. He has perfect timing and He is long suffering, waiting for us to realize who He has called us to be and working alongside us to see this come to pass. He is more interested in our journey than our final destination. I have read Hebrews 12 many times and hear the testimonies of great men and women of faith who often left this earth before seeing their promise. Focus, putting things in focus is so important because when I begin to take off my glasses and try to put on God’s I begin to see just slightly how He sees things. His time is not like our time. His ways are not like our ways. Usually I want what I want when I want it. God is not that way, His fruit is not that way either. The fruit of His Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, kindness, long suffering and self-control. Meditate on that.  This fruit is a result of our relationship with Him. We bear much fruit as He is in us and as we are in Him. Living with the mind set of legacy changes our focus, broadens our horizons, causes us to think beyond our finite perspective. The bible tells us to live for today, but that has to do with problems and worry, not to pick up what doesn’t belong to us and to live in the moment, be present. Living from sustainability gives us pause to consider that my actions have reactions and my decisions have consequences, I am not just here on this earth to accomplish my dreams and my passions, I have a greater purpose and so do you! â€‹

The Bridge Between Faith and Relationship

Several years ago Oz and I began receiving prophetic words from reliable sources that seemed to align and confirm one another. “You are called to be a bridge.” We were told several times in one year. We begin to ask the Lord about this and the realization came to us that there is a need for a bridge between the Word of Faith message we have received and the truth about relationship with the Lord that is not focused on divine health and getting needs met.

All About Family

God set up the earth to reflect Heaven and Heaven is filled with family.


The bible is filled with many promises for the children of God. We have an inheritance as His children that we do not have to work for; it is ours simply because we are in the family. But just like a natural inheritance, if I do not sign for it, the inheritance remains unclaimed. As a child of God I inherit divine heath, freedom from sin and a Father who promises to meet my needs. Because the bible clearly offers these benefits Ps. 103, I can claim them as mine.Attorneys often are hired to facilitate a person’s will, Jesus made sure the Father’s will would be done by dying on the cross. When he finished His work Jesus fulfilled all the requirements of our inheritance except two, we have to believe we qualify and we have to receive the terms. For many Christians believing that they qualify takes a lifetime.Each person’s identity has been paid for and positionally we are seated at the right hand of the Father in heaven. Many just don’t believe it. So much of our life is spent wrestling over our past and listening to our present circumstances that we miss the provisions of the will the Father set before us.What Jesus did for us has nothing to do with us. It has everything to do with the Father and His will, just as a natural will has nothing to do with the inheritor but everything to do with the will of the one who left it. When Jesus defeated, sin, sickness and poverty they became ours for the receiving. We have no attorney’s office to go to or document to sign; we have the words of our mouths and the condition of our hearts by which we receive the inheritance.But what about the other promises found in God’s word? They are not all part of our inheritance in the same way sin, sickness and poverty are. For example, I can only grow in favor to the extent that my character can handle the favor given. The gifts of the Spirit operate as the Spirit wills not because I am a child of God. He gives us these gifts to minister to the people around us and if there are no people around us we are less likely to need the gifts.But sin, sickness and poverty, they are bought and paid for. They belong to me because the Father willed it and Jesus paid for them. When I believe they belong to me, that my name is listed as a recipient of the will and I receive these benefits, then there isn’t anything anyone can do to prevent me from accessing them.Are you a child of God, have you received Him as the Lord of your life? Than your inheritance is waiting for you. â€‹