With vibrant hope we come to church to be immersed in His presence where Face to Face meetings with God are expected. Our joy is to empower you to live freely in your God given identity and to walk with you as you carry that out.​


The River church is a community of people, not a corporation. we are a family, not a business . We are all about people, not programs—and are interested in introducing you to a relationship with Jesus Christ that goes beyond a religion and becomes a way of life. We are a bible-based church where we believe that salvation comes through grace and not of works.

We believe  when Jesus went to the cross, He had a plan to bring us back to the Father but also to provide for us life on earth as it is in heaven. This life includes peace, joy, health, provision, acceptance, identity and so much more.

We believe that as you come to know the Lord, you will grow in the understanding of your purpose; and our hope, is to help you accomplish that purpose.​

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The team- who we are



Come CASUAL...BE COMFORTABLE, our sanctuary is our FAMILY ROOM. We come to encounter God. Our worship is real, not contrived and there is no time limit. We love God and our goal is to introduce you to Him and His presence.

RIVER KIDS...​is our heart in living color. We LOVE your kids. Interactive worship, bible stories that come to life and friendships with other kids as they learn about Jesus and who He has made them to be is what River Kids is all about. Kids are not an afterthought, they are the main event!

RELATIONSHIPS... you will be welcomed, invited to join in. You will make friends for yourself and for your family. You will find yourself laughing out loud during the message, moved during worship and peaceful with the people around you. Relationship with God is our passion and with each other is our purpose.

OUR MESSAGE.. whether you are new to church or  a seasoned church leader, our message will inspire you to experience God in your everyday life. Our faith is not just for church time, we have a relevant gospel which will empower you to live like God is alive and involved in everything you do.

Oz and Jane: Graduates of Rhema Bible Training Center, Oz and Jane have a mandate to bridge the gap between the Word of Faith movement and empowering the body of Christ to do the work of the ministry. They believe ministry is about people, not programs. Oz and Jane work as a team, they co-teach, counsel and plan together. While they have been in ministry for over 30 years pastoring, they feel like they are just getting started. Their joy and enthusiasm while in the pulpit creates an atmosphere of expectation for the congregation. Their experience has allowed them to get out of God’s way and surrender the service to Him so that everyone leaves having encountered Jesus! 

Mark and Marge: This amazing couple has been at The River for over 20 years ministering in children’s church and as administrators. Mark has a business and pastoral degree from Oral Roberts University. They have raised a generation of young people to know the Lord and they love kids. While they have been faithful ministers they also have big dreams to open a transformation center at the River where they will see people receive emotional healing and education to truly walk in glorious mindsets so  generations can turn the page  with  new beginnings.​

Ty  and Sarah: Ty is a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center as well as Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Sarah is a graduate of Art Institute. Together they have a huge heart to see the community come together, work together to further God’s kingdom. They are skilled in connecting people and building relationship in a current way using all the current technology to link people. They believe very strongly in the power of worship, love of all age groups and valuing people.​

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Service Times:   |   Sunday: 10 AM   |   Wednesday: 7 PM   |   Youth Wednesday: 7 PM   | Sunday Class: 9AM

Service Times:

Sunday: 10 AM   |   Wednesday: 7 PM

Youth Sunday: 12 PM

Young Adults Friday: 9 PM​

The Legacy Mind Set

 Be Patient?! HOW?!Never have I considered the importance of legacy until recent years as I have been introduced to this mindset through varies teachers that have been brought into my life. And then recently my son said something to me that really stuck…in pondering his own life goals he determined that his life would be well invested making a place for his future generations. Then it really struck me and has stuck with me that I am truly not here on this earth right now just for myself and my own self-centered goals and passions, I am truly here for a greater purpose and a greater destiny that I will never attain. I am here for those that follow after me.Pastor Oz and I received a prophetic word long ago before we were married that we have carried with us all these years. This prophetic word had everything to do with our marriage, our ministry and our children. Our dreams were always tied to our children and their destiny. We truly believed that we would never see the fullness of what the Lord had in store for us until we saw it through our children. We have witnessed so much of this dream already but we truly believe we are about to see so much more. The Lord is faithful, never late and never in a hurry. He has perfect timing and He is long suffering, waiting for us to realize who He has called us to be and working alongside us to see this come to pass. He is more interested in our journey than our final destination. I have read Hebrews 12 many times and hear the testimonies of great men and women of faith who often left this earth before seeing their promise. Focus, putting things in focus is so important because when I begin to take off my glasses and try to put on God’s I begin to see just slightly how He sees things. His time is not like our time. His ways are not like our ways. Usually I want what I want when I want it. God is not that way, His fruit is not that way either. The fruit of His Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, kindness, long suffering and self-control. Meditate on that.  This fruit is a result of our relationship with Him. We bear much fruit as He is in us and as we are in Him. Living with the mind set of legacy changes our focus, broadens our horizons, causes us to think beyond our finite perspective. The bible tells us to live for today, but that has to do with problems and worry, not to pick up what doesn’t belong to us and to live in the moment, be present. Living from sustainability gives us pause to consider that my actions have reactions and my decisions have consequences, I am not just here on this earth to accomplish my dreams and my passions, I have a greater purpose and so do you! ​



Our ministry team wants to equip YOU so you can carry out God's purpose for your life

River Kids

The River Kids is all about your Kids! Come casual and ready for play, our program is interactive and they will want to be dressed for games and fun! The River welcomes kid’s from 0-12 in our River Town play area during our Sunday and Wednesday services. Our one desire is that your kids experience God on their level. We do not believe there is a Jr. Holy Spirit so we encourage your kids to build that personal relationship with Jesus from day one. The lesson plans help the kids learn how to hear God and that He loves and accepts them. This relationship is reinforced throughout their development which creates very secure and confident kids with a strong sense of hope for their future.

Men and Women

While we minister to your children, it is our desire to provide a place for you to build relationships with one another and with the Lord. Regardless of your age, we believe in interaction. We can all learn from each other and at The River we do not separate you by age, we draw from each other like a family. We have an online women’s life group that provides interaction each week as well as a get together once a month to connect and fellowship. The men meet each week to pray and grow together in their relationship with the God and each other. Support in relationship is so vital and living in community builds strong families.


The River Youth Group meets every Wednesday Night at 7pm. Our teens get a lot of one on one attention from Pastor Ty. They are an eclectic group with all kinds of interests. Ty’s goal is that your teen experience God for real while they spend time developing a personal relationship with Jesus and with each other. Worship is a large part of this experience, during this time they have the opportunity to encounter a God who gives them acceptance and friendship. Students aged 13-18 are welcome to hang out, play some games, worship God and discuss how to have healthy relationships at home, with the Lord and in every area of their lives.


Our pastor is a worshipper. This means that worship is a big priority at The River. We do not shut it down at a certain time, we allow for people to experience God for themselves in a real way on Sunday mornings. We believe it when the bible says that in his presence is fullness of joy. We need to encounter God and allow Him to inhabit our praises. Our answers happen often when we hear from God for ourselves and during worship we are literally set up to hear Him and leave different having been there.


The River was founded on prayer. We believe that when we come together in Spirit led prayer we are praying the will of God for His agenda not our own. Our pastor often walks through the congregation during worship and prays for members of the congregation. We have altar ministers available after Sunday services to pray for anyone in need. We also have corporate prayer for the nation, leaders, and various needs that arise. Prayer is communication with God. It is something we do without ceasing; we endeavor to be in constant communication with the Lord so  we are hearing from Him in order to fulfill His plan for our lives.


Get Connected: It is so important to us that you feel connected when you come to the River. We have a desk available in the church foyer that will provide information about the entire goings on. There are events happening every month for all ages and stages in life. While we are a small church, we think big and provide big church opportunities for you to find relationships, teaching, training and outlets

 The work of ministry belongs to each member of the church. We encourage you to find your place in our church which will propel you into your place in the body of Christ.

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"the world of the generous gets larger and larger" proverbs 11:24

thank you for sowing into the River, We pray the lord blesses you and your family.

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